Unbridled: Official Teaser Trailer


Unbridled features Eric Roberts (Batman Dark Knight), TC Stallings (War Room and Courageous), Tea McKay (introducing), Rachel Hendrix (October Baby), Rusty Martin Sr. (Courageous and War Room), Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon; Princess Cut), Dey Young (Pretty Woman), David Topp (The Shunning). Directed by John David Ware and Produced by Christy McGlothlin.

Unbridled is based on true to life stories at a healing ranch for challenged teen girls in North Carolina that tells a tremendous story of redemption and triumph, with a message of unconditional love, overcoming formidable obstacles and living a fulfilling life in spite of adverse circumstances.

UNBRIDLED is a story that dives deep in the human heart, and shines a light on the goodness and altruism of authentic people who view life as greater than themselves. UNBRIDLED is Inspiring Heartwarming Captivating Uplifting Refreshing Wholesome Enjoyable Encouraging Touching Delightful Memorable UNBRIDLED is a true to life story that exposes the atrocities of abuse, neglect and trauma and the healing and redemption experienced by girls and horses who have suffered the same types of abuse.

UNBRIDLED showcases how every life matters, no matter how damaged,and that redemption is just around the corner when lives will be made whole again. An emotionally gripping, unforgettable and uplifting story of redemption, healing, and overcoming some of life’s greatest obstacles.

UNBRIDLED centers around the life of 17-year-old Sarah Miller (Tea McKay) who has a secret: secret shame of being an ongoing victim and prisoner of human sex trafficking by her mother’s (Dey Young) boyfriend Roger Donigal (Eric Roberts) until Sarah’s future boyfriend Kenny Brachner (David Topp) teams up with Detective Mitchell Sangrin (T.C. Stallings, actor from War Room) on an attempt to foil the underground operation and set the captives (including Sarah) free.

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